Renting and Selling Property

Those who want to rent or sell a property, Evers pays a certain fee, and the offer will be published on 15 portals like ImmobilienScout24 and immonet and achieved, according to the founder of twelve million potential customers. The customer save quite a bit of work and time, so Evers. If the offer one month are online, the advertiser is charged 85 euros. Evers recommends three months: Here, the cost is 159 euros, and the chance that the property was brought to the man or the woman after the end of the quarter is higher. According to Evers saving is more than 50 percent compared to individual listings on the major property portals.Currently available on the platform around 1,700 deals. Still, there is a loud Evers focus in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s most populous state. Most of the items are for sale, the commissions are particularly high. From studio apartments to spacious family house you will find all apartment sizes. “Luxury real estate you are looking at us but in vain,” said Evers. The median bid is 200,000 to 250,000 euros. The user’s happy, because they save money. In most sought-after regions like Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin apartments are away quickly. Here Evers noticed how the brokers that tenders are scarce.
Changes in

Property and capitalism

The birth of capitalism

was accompanied by a general movement to privatize previously common resources (including space), resulting from conquest (discovery of America

) or previously owned by the Church

or the nobility

(see Feudalism

) .dropoff window
This movement gave a profitability improvement of operations, which previously would not have benefited the contractors, strengthening capitalization.
For Bernard Friot

is the lucrative property

which is characteristic of capitalism, it differs from the usual property

Point of view of the Catholic Church

For the Catholic Church, the right to property suffered two forms of limitations

• firstly, the property can not rely solely on the work, which distinguishes the Church’s position Lockean perspective;
• secondly, the property is subject to the principle of universal destination of goods

: property owned by men contain material resources that men have not created but were created by God for the common use according to the need everyone.
Intellectual property and confidentiality

A property is a characteristic feature. Strictly speaking, in a non-material realm, so this is something unknown non-owners (otherwise, it ceases to be specific to the owners), that is to say a secret.
The secret is not only advantages:
• one who possesses a secret can lose it at any time (either forgetting or by deceiving hardware which bear traces)
• it remains exposed to its rediscovery by another, or even his “flight” (Consultation of material elements bearing the traces of the secret). It loses its comparative advantage.
• the secret forbidden by definition exchange between holders exchanges that would allow new discoveries.
• keeping a secret group implies a strong limiting the number of holders and sometimes heavy constraints (limitations movements, restrictions on contacts with foreigners, etc.): it involves costs and sometimes limits on manufacturing while demand is stronger, reducing the benefits of secrecy.
• etc.
Companies therefore have developed the idea of an exchange:
• the author of a discovery has a temporary privilege;
• the company becomes aware of this discovery and can operate more widely.
This type of exchange requires a sophisticated legal system capable of supporting third parties about having to wait to enjoy what they are told today, including abroad. It also assumes a system able to make the difference between what deserves this type of protection and what does not deserve it. Current controversies about software or on genetic information, but also on the songs and movies, show that the question has not yet found a consensus answer.
It’s crazy: On Wolfgang Meyer’s desk, the requests Property seekers stack. “But Do I have to like the needle in a haystack search,” he says.
Meyer (name changed by the editor) is real estate agent in Munich, Germany’s most umkämpftestem real estate market. When it comes to the highest purchase price or the most expensive rents, on the Isar they are paid, and often more than that. “There are always buyers who already explained during the tour that they like five to ten percent more than the actual purchase price offer, just so I present the seller as solvente candidates, “says the broker who sometimes even decide between competing bidders must.
That sounds like a fat commissions – after all, can, according to real estate association IVD, expect Agents in Bavaria with six per cent of the purchase price. But the market is almost empty, Meyer said. “Who in Munich home ownership, there are her only when he has to,” said the broker.
One way or at least something like the situation is in other housing markets: in these popular areas of Berlin Mitte and Kreuzberg as, in Hamburg Altona around or at the Alster lake or in Frankfurt Westend.The list goes on and on long. “People flock primarily where it jobs in association with quality of life -sprich shops, but also cultural offerings – are,” says Reiner Braun, CEO of Empirica Institute, examines the property locations. In general, there are – with exceptions in the Ruhr area – rather the cities where space is limited.
Also, brokers are looking
Agents, it goes to the coveted locations not much different from their customers: You must look for new objects in order to meet the demand. Meyer in which it tries to possess many properties. At the annual meeting of the Munich owners club house and land he has distributed handouts. Their tenor: If you want to sell your house quick without stress – I’ll help. The response rate was moderate.
In a similar low supply such as brokers Meyer also around 20 interested buyers have encountered the uro on behalf of € on Sunday an apartment’re looking to buy them. The editors wanted to know how the supraregional German real estate agent to work, and to find out which apartment seekers can expect buyers in Germany.Together with the German customers Institute (DKI), the editors of € uro on Sunday the anonymous test customers sent.